What Juventus expects from Thiago Motta next season

Thiago Motta has just been confirmed as the Juventus manager, marking the beginning of a new era at the home of the Old Lady. 

Juve has been searching for a new manager after struggling to play good football under Max Allegri. 

Motta proved he could be the answer, as his Bologna team delivered some of the best football in Italy last season. 

This success is primarily why he has earned the Juventus role. However,  managing these two clubs is not the same, and they aim for different goals. 

For a long time, finishing in mid-table was sufficient for Bologna’s coach to retain his position, but at Juventus, the expectations are higher. 

Qualifying for the Champions League last season was an overachievement at  Bologna, but that might not be enough to secure his job at Juventus. 

What realistic goal must Motta achieve in his first season to prove he is the right man for the job? 

Juventus will be competing in numerous tournaments next season, and soccer betting sites will be making predictions on which clubs are likely to win each competition. Juve will certainly be among the teams discussed. 

Coppa Italia 

Despite his team’s perceived poor form, Allegri won the Coppa Italia last season, and Motta will need to do the same. 

While winning Serie A remains the ultimate goal at Juve, Motta may be wise to focus on a more immediate target, such as winning the Coppa Italia. 

If his team plays attractive football, secures a Champions League spot, and wins the Coppa Italia, it will be considered a decent start. 

Serie A 

Winning the Scudetto remains Juve’s ultimate goal, and Motta will enhance his legacy at the club if he achieves this in his first season at the helm. 

Juve last won the Scudetto in 2020, and their fans are eager for that to change. While some will demand that Motta’s team wins the title, most understand it will be tough to achieve this in his first campaign. 

However, everyone expects his team to compete for the title, which will require him to prepare his players well for each game. 

Champions League 

Juve missed out on European football last season, but the Bianconeri will be back in the Champions League this term. 

Winning that competition will be tough, especially given Motta’s inexperience in

it, so his team should not be expected to achieve too much. 

However, Juve should aim to earn respectable results and avoid defeats against teams that are not on their level. 

Italian Super Cup 

The Super Cup offers the Bianconeri another opportunity to win a trophy, and we expect Motta to ensure his side performs well in it. 

The four-team tournament provides another platform to demonstrate their superiority, and Juve should at least reach the final if they do not win it. 

Club World Cup 

The Club World Cup offers Juve a chance to expand its brand image, and the  Bianconeri are fortunate to have qualified for the competition. 

It provides Motta with another opportunity to win a trophy in his first season.  We expect his team to at least avoid defeats to clubs outside Europe and perhaps reach the semi-finals. 


Motta has the potential to win several trophies in his first season and should strategically target winning at least one or two, depending on his squad depth.

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