Exotic Car Of The Week - 041

In this weeks 'Exotic Car Of The Week' series we will be looking at the beautiful Ferrari 488 Spider. If you’re familiar with the legendary Ferrari 458 Spider then best believe its successor is one hell of a sports car. The 488 Spider was first unveiled in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and won numerous awards for its technological prowess among the latest age of modern supercars. Although the 488 has now been succeeded by the Ferrari F8 Tributo, Exotic Rentals & Retreats still offers a number of 488 Spiders for rental in many major cities across Europe, The Middle East & The USA.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Design and Styling

Fasten your seatbelts to experience one of the most thrilling driving experiences of your life with the Ferrari 488 Spider. The 488 Spider was designed around its RHT (retractable-hard-top) design. The state of the art design weighs 25kg (around 55lbs) less than a regular soft top and gives an added sense of security and rigidity - plus it just looks so much better. The top opens and closes in just 14 seconds and doesn't take away from the looks of the vehicle - in fact it may even make it better.

Interior Highlights

From a glance, the car looks like a replicate of the Ferrari 458 model. However, certain distinctiveness in the car’s styling is revealed as you take a closer look at the car. Out of many striking additions, including the rationalized placement of control pods which are located on either side of the instrument panel. The binnacle is adorned with HD screens and central tunnel controls to exude more character. All in all, sitting inside the 488 Spider is guaranteed to give you a real rush. The carbon racing seats are an extremely stylish option and the upgraded infotainment system will afford you the chance to listen to some high-quality music - when you're not listening to the mighty Ferrari engine.

Ferrari 488 Spider interior

Engine and Performance

No more turbo lag like the older models! The Ferrari 488 Spider is bestridden with a 3.9-liter bi-turbo V8 engine that is capable of delivering maximum speeds at full throttle in only a few short seconds. The engine delivers a colossal power of 661 bhp and a top speed of 205mph (330km/h), reaching 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 3 seconds. Thanks to Ferrari's ongoing technological advances, the 488's ultra quick 7 speed dual clutch system is able to get the vehicle from 0-124mph (200km/h) in just 8.7 seconds - and it does this pretty damn easily.

Ferrari 488 Spider Engine Bay

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